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Participants and Winner of Birthday Writing Contest

Dear Reader,

As what I promised in my previous post, so this is it the moment of announcement of #BdayWritingContest : Light The Fire! Personally, this small contest has brought so much fun and contemplation for me. Reading and knowing someone’s else dream makes me feel really close to them and somehow connected (really). They are 7 participants who lovely enough to share their dreams to me, I hope that all their dream come true Ya Rabb. I will spend tonight special praying for their dreams insyaALLAH. πŸ™‚

So here they are, participants of #BdayWritingContest who answer my question “Who are you in the next 10 years? “

1. Ritha Chandra Irawati (@rita_ceries44)Β  our future pharmacist who will put 100% professionality on her job and dedication to inprove the quality life of patient. Personally, I impressed on her way to value her carrier as a spiritual activity, she want to share her faith to her patient. One favorite quote from her is


2. Hapsarina (@rin_hapsarina) this Leo girl have ambitious dreams, I like her spirit. πŸ™‚ One dream that I love is, she want to make book store and she will hire difable people so that she can prove that difable people can work as other human too. I am really looking forward to be the permanent customer of this book store insyaALLAH. this is her dream in detail

3. Andika Rinaldo Asry (@andikarinaldo) the man who want his profile appears in Wikipedia as Indonesian top successful entrepeneur on energy. This is great! I never thought this far, about having my profile in Wikipedia hehe πŸ˜€

4. Retno Widyastuti (@chikupunya) she has very categorised dreams; academic, family life, social, business. (similar like me)Β  Well, I know her as super busy lady, and I am pretty sure she can make all her dreams come true,Β  insyaALLAH πŸ™‚ Anyway, I like her dream about her future husband, I think this is great to start by having imagination about the one who right for us, so that we can love them more rational. this is her dream in details

5. Septianessty S (@netkirei) her dream is to become famous writer and make House of Expression for kids all over Indonesia. She want to inspire kids to be more confident in expressing their feeling. I remember I was really a shy kid, and it takes me a lot struggle to be more sociable. This houses will be great from future kids insyaAllah πŸ™‚ . this is her dreams in details

6. Dame Rinda (@dame_rinda) She want to married foreigner and have 2 kids and one adoption kid. She want to pursue her carrier as social butterfly who are fashionable, and she want to more faithful in GOD and help the others.this is her blog

7. Aldoreza Prandana (@aldoremifasol) he want to be better person without loosing his originality.this is his quote ”Β Never lose your color in a crowd. You can be better but can not turn yourself into something you are not. So, grow up but still be yourself. this is his dream in details

Voila, 7 people with 7 great dreams and 7 is my fave number, because in Japanese ‘Nana’ means 7. MasyaAllah, nothing is coincidence, I believe there is a message that I can learn from this πŸ™‚

And now come the most difficult task for me. How can I choose the best one among this 7 amazing dreams. To be honest, for me they deserve to be the best dreams, because I believe there is no joke if we talk about dreams, the joke is if you don’t dare to dream but you laugh on someone’s else dream πŸ™‚ . I thank you for all these 7 dreamers for sharing and inspiring me throught their post. I really wish all the dreams come true. Let’s MEET ON TOP friends, insyaALLAH πŸ™‚

I choose one post among others because, this person makes me learn more about charity can be start from our personal/family life, it is simple but it takes a serious commitment to do it. This person also allow me to understand other point of view of loving GOD and how to keep our faith.

Sooooo,, CONGRATULATIONS to @dame_rinda !!! πŸ˜‰

Thank you for sharing your dream dear, having adoption kid is really showing your strong commitment on goodness. Her name is Dame, its mean PEACE. I believe you’ll be peaceful agent for your family and people around you. πŸ™‚

So, I have contacted and her permission to post her dream and share it to you. I am sorry I have no time to translate it in English, but hopefully google translate will help you hehe πŸ˜€

Jujur saja, diΒ  awal saya membacaΒ  “tantangan” ini, ada bagian dari diri saya yg terusik. Kenapa? Karena di saat itu saya mulai menyadari bahwa ternyata saya belum serius memikirkan mau jadi apa dan mau dibawa ke mana hidup saya ini. Menurut saya, mungkin inilah waktunya untuk saya untuk benar-benar serius memikirkan masa depan, tidak hanya sekedar membiarkannya mengalir mengikuti arus.
Oke, ternyata mendeskripsikan siapa saya di 10 tahun mendatang itu tidak mudah ya.

Pertama, saya ingin menjabarkan saya di masa 10 tahun mendatang dari segi kehidupan saya pribadi. 10 tahun dari sekarang saya adalah seorang istri seorang warga negara asing (WNA). Kenapa orang asing? Jawabannya sederhana, saya suka aja. Hehehe.. Tapi, kalau Tuhan berkehendak saya harus menikah dengan sesama WNI, ya gak papa juga. Selain itu, saya adalah ibu dari tiga anak. Dua anak berasal dari rahim saya, dan seorang lagi anak adopsi. Ya, di masa depan saya ingin sekali mengadopsi seorang anak dari panti asuhan. Menutut saya setiap anak di dunia ini berhak mendapat kasih sayang yang utuh dari keluarga, dan saya ingin mengambil bagian dalam “proyek” ini. Melalui ini, saya juga ingin mengajarkan anak-anak kandung saya apa artinya mengasihi dan mencintai secara tulus. Selain itu, saya pun masih tetap seorang anak bagi orang tua sayaΒ  dan juga seorang kakak bagi adik saya tercinta.

Kedua, dalam hal karir atau pekerjaan. Sekali lagi saya katakan, ini susah sekali untuk dijabarkan. Kenapa? Karena saya merasa saya punya banyak talenta dan saya punya banyak hal yg saya suka, sehingga saya bingung mau fokus ke mana. Bukan bermaksud untuk sombong. Tapi, memang itu faktanya.Β  Saya bisa berbahasa Jepang, saya bisa masak, saya suka hal-hal berbau fashion,Β  saya suka travelling, saya suka bicara, saya pinter ngerayu, saya suka pendidikan, dll. Jadi, saya bingung saya mau ngapain di masa depan. Well, saya pun menarik satu benang merah, yaitu saya suka berhubungan dengan orang. Jadi, di 10 tahun mendatang saya adalah seorang praktisi ilmu kejepangan, yang fashionable, yang memberikan seminar dari satu tempat ke tempat yg lain, dan kadang-kadang jadi MC juga. Itu sudah. πŸ™‚

Ketiga, dari segi keimanan. 10 tahun mendatang saya akan tetap menjadi pengikut setia Kristus. Saya akan menjadi saksi nyata bagi orang-orang sekeliling saya bagaimana Tuhan sudah lebih dahulu mengasihi saya sehingga saya harus lebih kasih ke orang lain di sekitar saya. Lebih banyak menjadi berkat bagi orang lain, dan senantiasa bertumbuh dalam iman.

Hahahaha! Ternyata saya bisa juga menuliskan 10 tahun lagi saya jadi akan seperti apa. Thanks a lot Mba Nana. Terima kasih sudah menjadi “mencambuk” saya dengan tantangan writing contest-nya. Sekarang harus kerja keras to make those dream come true.



Dream, Write,Believe and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

See you on TOP, readers. InsyaALLAH πŸ™‚


Itu sudah


ps: I guess after I read other’s dreams, it is my time to post my dreams. Who am I in the future… hmm πŸ™‚

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Birthday Writing Contest : Light The Fire!

Dear reader,

Alhamdulillah, I have been in this blissful journey of life for 25 years. There were so many blessings, so many lessons but yet there are still so many dreams and hope to pursue. For 25 years, I have learned that DREAM is light on fire, you can never start living without it πŸ˜‰

Today, I would like to share this spirit by inviting anyone of you who read this post, to WRITE YOUR DREAM by answering this question.

“Who are you in the next 10 years?”

It’s gonna be exciting but yet contemplating for me and you πŸ˜‰ You can post your dream on your personal blog, or notes in facebook, or twitter, or article in and copy the link to me in Facebook (Suci Lestari Yuana), Twitter (@geknana), Mindtalk (Geknana) , or you also can send it to me by email at

You have 3 days! from 13-16 December. I have one biography book of STEVE JOBS (English Version) for the most inspiring dream, yay! πŸ˜‰ It will be free shipping and will be announced 3 days after the deadline, insyaallah.

However, I really hope that all of you my friends can celebrate this special day by sharing me your inspiring dream, because I believe dreams do come true! as what my fave Indonesian writer Andrea Hirata said

“Bermimpilah, maka Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpi itu, dan setiap mimpi yang terwujud hujan turun di Afrika” -Andrea Hirata

“Dream! and GOD will embrace your dreams. For every dream comes true, there’ll be rain fell in Africa” (English free translation)

Dream, Write, Believe and Make it Happen! πŸ˜‰

Itu Sudah


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