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Lullaby : Kerinduan



Stacie Oricco -So Simple

Don’t need high heels
For a good feel
You can keep the fancy clothes
I’ll take walkin in the rain
Over things material

I’ll trade Melrose and the big names
Give me faces that I know
Just play a melody that everybody knows

Take it down, down, down
And strip it to the core
I don’t really need much less is more, more, more

True to life, true to me
The way it’s got to be
So simple, so simple, so simple
Live to love, love to be
Absolutely free
(so simple, so simple, simple)

Give me wisdom, plain and truthful
Teach me somethin I don’t know
Plain as education, inspiration I suppose (yeah yeah)

Give me family, on a Sunday
And I’ll be just fine
There’s nothing in the world
That’s worth more of my time

Take it down, down, down
And strip it to the core
I don’t really need much less is more, more, more


Livin my dream, is my song to the world(let ’em hear it)
Sharin’ my soul and spirit
I’m hopin that you hear it

Got one (one) life (life) to live (live)
It’s only what you make it (make it)

Every new day’s a chance worth takin


Notes :i really love this song, happy family day all πŸ™‚

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#Lullaby tweets for my future husband

Today after researching some info about #parenting , it makes me thinking more about who will be my best partner in parenting job. I tweeted several messages and I don’t want to loose it in my timeline so I decided to make it a blog post.

  1. Man, thank you for your sweet talk but I need to be convinced more that you are the right father my future children πŸ™‚ #parenting
  2. Man, I plan to have lots of children. how much time will you commit to each one of them? πŸ™‚ #parenting
  3. Man,thanks for your shalat reminder I appreciate that. But have you wonder how will we teach the kids to love shalat? πŸ™‚ #parenting
  4. Man,its not about I don’t want 2 do #parenting by myself later,but if we r in the same line you’ll understand, kids deserve proper parent πŸ™‚
  5. jadi kesimpulannya, laki-laki single yang belajar #parenting itu value addednya GEDE banget #eh :p
  6. Yuk ah single ladies, lebih teliti lagi nyeleksi the right man for our future kids. Times does matter, but Family’s more πŸ™‚ #parenting
  7. But ladies don’t forget,keep upgrading ourselves 2 be d best mom 4 our kids too! future best mom will meet best dad insyaAllah πŸ™‚ #parenting

Man, wherever you are, take it easy,Β  its not only your job to upgrade yourself but mines as well. Afterall we are imperfect person, but I do hope as parent we can complete each other perfecty through process and patience.Am waiting your invitation to guide and makes me your parenting partner in life , ahya! and ofcourse to be your lovely soulmate πŸ™‚

Aamiin Ya Rabb

Itu sudah


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#Lullaby Letter to my future son

Cher Mon a’mour

Hi champ! How are you there? I hope you always healthy and happy in your waiting moment to be born. I know we both miss each other a lot, but let ALLAH plan the best moment for us to meet. It will not be so long I believe, I feel you already, each and everyday. Be safe and strong there ok? πŸ™‚

I write to you this letter because today I learned something new and I want you to know how much I learned this for you. Today I read the article about “Fatherless Child” Astagfirullah, I felt so terrible by seeing the fact what may happend to you if you had no Dad or Dad who care you less. Seriously Love, I don’t want to see you grow up with any problem they mentioned ; drugs, emotional distress, confused identity, sexual abuse, even violent rejection. Naudzubillah min dzalik. I want to see you live with your passion, believe in yourself and learn to be grateful in each second.

These data makes me realize, I still have lots more homework in parenting to do. To be the best mom for you, your bestfriend and your role model in the same time.There was a brilliant speaker Ibu Elly Risman told an inconvinienth truth about Indonesia, that we are the “Fatherless Nation”. Kids grow up with their father physically but not emotionally. MasyaAllah..

Kid, we both want the right man to be your father right. I have no more to do rather than keep looking those who also concern on parenting and deserve your love. At the same time, I keep on upgrading myself too. But when we found him, let’s give our best to love and support his effort. Head of family is a more challenging profession than any CEO of corporation. I hope that we can work together and build this family under ALLAH’s love andΒ ridho.Β 

Till then, let’s do our best Love.

Hugs and Kiss

Your mommy

ps : I love you wholeheartedly, because of ALLAH πŸ™‚

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#Lullaby : 6 bulan 6 hari


Ini saatnya tidur nandaku sayang

“Sholatullah….salamullah β€˜ala toha rosulillah.

Sholatullah salamullah β€˜ala yasin habibillah

Dahimu masih sangat halus dan menggemaskan untuk dikecup. Sambil bunda elus-elus lembut rambutmu, bunda nyanyikan sebuah lagu pengantar tidur ya. Mungkin engkau belum memahami artinya, tapi semoga bisa meresap perlahan dalam alam bawah sadarmu dan memoles indah karaktermu sayang, aamiin

Bagai mentari bersinar di indahnya pagi
Adalah hidupmu siap memancarkan sinar

Lihatlah hidupmu ,penuh dengan kesempatan
Walau beban hidup menghalang
Jangan lari dari bebanmu

Hidupmu indah bila kau tahu
Jalan mana yang benar
Harapan ada, harapan ada
Bila kau mengerti

*Kutipan lirik lagu Salam Bagi Sahabat-Glenn Fredly

Bismikka allahuma ahya wabismika amuut..

Itu Sudah


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