#HappinessDairy “Loving you as you”

02 Apr


Some people usually attract me from their stories. I found their dreams are amusing. I am captivated with plans and the beauty of the future promised. They told me they want to dance in life, follow their passion, travel around the globe, lead a better world, empower the less fortunate or build the dynamics but harmonious family…

Leaving the legacy after they checking out from earth. 


But sometimes life shows me the contrary. Dreams can be vanished. Reality struck people in face. We are trapped in prison of what so called, routinity. On how we are singing without even consider to contemplate the lyrics. Our body just move regardless the existence of spirit. We laugh hard but are we truly happy? We achieve something but what have we truly learned from it?


For some reason, I think we use too many words in life. Getting confuse on finding the proper definition. What is Love? What is relationship? What is soulmate? What is success? What is happiness?. We never like or truly accept differences, aren’t we? We unconciously force integration because we are worrying that divergent may lead to longer time and distance of understanding. We are close with those who similar. We just don’t like the idea of not knowing something. We are afraid of mystery, because we know our limit but we just can not accept it sometimes.


What am I doing? Should we still sharing our stories and dreams? Considering on how dreams may poisoning my comprehend understanding about you. But still, I would answer yes we should hon. However I would also propose that we should share everything about us. Past, present, future stories. We share about our ideas but also our deepest fear. It may take a very long time I know, a lifetime maybe not enough. But I don’t want to stop in just loving the idea about you, your stories. Isn’t everything become more beautiful if we make them grow and blossom? For me, loving you is a endless journey. People change everyday and so do you. We never know what the future offer to us. Wouldn’t be great if take that risk and simply walk to each other? Loving you as you, because this path is mysteriously beautiful…

I think that’s how it feels as soulmate, an endless journey to happiness. Because we both have no idea what it means but we finally found peace in between


Paris, April 2nd 2013

The spring air is blossoming although the winter cold remain.

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One response to “#HappinessDairy “Loving you as you”

  1. maisyafarhati

    Kamis, April 11, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    Kak Nana, this is sweet. 🙂


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