Me and Philanthropy

13 Mar

Dear readers,

Its been ages since my last post! Gosh!! 😀

Now, since I have no idea what to post, I just wanna share my introduction in one of my fave class this semester “New Philanthropy”. Feel free if you have insights for my personal research 😉


Personal Profile :

I am Suci Lestari Yuana (Nana). I was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia. I must said I am (might be) one example of philanthropy project. I got scholarship from TOTAL E&P Indonesia for my master study in Sciences Po Paris. I don’t really know why they chosed me while there are so many other students who are more intellegent than me. I guess maybe because they saw a potential contribution that I can do after I graduate and return to Indonesia. During the final interview in Jakarta, I told them that my passion and future plan is in education.

In 2006, I was lucky I got one year student exchange experiences in South Korea. During my stay I learned Korean language, social and culture. I did two part time job as well; one month internship in Korean Nuclear Foundation and three months English teacher in Korean elementary school. I also volunteered once in a week in Korean Orphanage.

The experiences I got in Korea makes me realize that I have big passion in social work. After return in University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta I continue my bachelor study in International Relations and took several volunteering and part time job. The three most insightful jobs for me was; 1. Curator Assistant for the first Children Museum in Indonesia, 2. English teacher in inclusive school which integrate normal kids and kids in special needs, 3. Motivation trainer for orphan children in Yogyakarta.

After finishing my bachelor degree, I took a job in University as lecturer assistant for 1,5 years and then I apply for a scholarship in TOTAL E&P. Currently, along with Indonesian students in France I create a social community which assist other Indonesian student to get scholarship and study abroad.

Change Vision

I’ve been attracted by the question “who can change the world?” I think the philanthropy projects used to be an exclusive topics among those who already gain a prosper life and want to get a social pleasure or existence. The rich help the poor; the developed country help the developing country, the educated person help the uneducated person.  Does philanthropy a linear cycle? What is actually the final goal of philanthropy, is it better quality of life or engagement?

For my individual research, I would like to look deeper on philanthropy project which came from ordinary citizens. Is there such a thing so called “Grass-root Philanthropy”?  Since I stayed in Paris, I have been attached closely with Indonesian women organization which works to spread Balinese culture in France and Europe, at the same time contributes to social charity in Indonesia. I want to know deeper the challenge and opportunity to create this organization, is it replicable or not? Moreover, I think I also can analyze on better study of women empowerment. What does it takes to makes women happier and get a better life?


Itu sudah


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One response to “Me and Philanthropy

  1. pitachu

    Kamis, Juni 6, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Assalamuálaikum wr wb, Nana. Apakah ini Nana yang dulu pernah di Seoul ya? Aku Pita, dulu (2006-2008) juga tinggal di Seoul, tepatnya di KIST. Kalo ga salah kita pernah ikut pengajian bareng ya? Nama mentornya pak Haznan. Mohon maaf kalo salah orang ya 🙂 wassalam.


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