#Lullaby Letter to my future son

18 Feb

Cher Mon a’mour

Hi champ! How are you there? I hope you always healthy and happy in your waiting moment to be born. I know we both miss each other a lot, but let ALLAH plan the best moment for us to meet. It will not be so long I believe, I feel you already, each and everyday. Be safe and strong there ok? 🙂

I write to you this letter because today I learned something new and I want you to know how much I learned this for you. Today I read the article about “Fatherless Child” Astagfirullah, I felt so terrible by seeing the fact what may happend to you if you had no Dad or Dad who care you less. Seriously Love, I don’t want to see you grow up with any problem they mentioned ; drugs, emotional distress, confused identity, sexual abuse, even violent rejection. Naudzubillah min dzalik. I want to see you live with your passion, believe in yourself and learn to be grateful in each second.

These data makes me realize, I still have lots more homework in parenting to do. To be the best mom for you, your bestfriend and your role model in the same time.There was a brilliant speaker Ibu Elly Risman told an inconvinienth truth about Indonesia, that we are the “Fatherless Nation”. Kids grow up with their father physically but not emotionally. MasyaAllah..

Kid, we both want the right man to be your father right. I have no more to do rather than keep looking those who also concern on parenting and deserve your love. At the same time, I keep on upgrading myself too. But when we found him, let’s give our best to love and support his effort. Head of family is a more challenging profession than any CEO of corporation. I hope that we can work together and build this family under ALLAH’s love and ridho. 

Till then, let’s do our best Love.

Hugs and Kiss

Your mommy

ps : I love you wholeheartedly, because of ALLAH 🙂

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