Birthday Writing Contest : Light The Fire!

13 Des

Dear reader,

Alhamdulillah, I have been in this blissful journey of life for 25 years. There were so many blessings, so many lessons but yet there are still so many dreams and hope to pursue. For 25 years, I have learned that DREAM is light on fire, you can never start living without it 😉

Today, I would like to share this spirit by inviting anyone of you who read this post, to WRITE YOUR DREAM by answering this question.

“Who are you in the next 10 years?”

It’s gonna be exciting but yet contemplating for me and you 😉 You can post your dream on your personal blog, or notes in facebook, or twitter, or article in and copy the link to me in Facebook (Suci Lestari Yuana), Twitter (@geknana), Mindtalk (Geknana) , or you also can send it to me by email at

You have 3 days! from 13-16 December. I have one biography book of STEVE JOBS (English Version) for the most inspiring dream, yay! 😉 It will be free shipping and will be announced 3 days after the deadline, insyaallah.

However, I really hope that all of you my friends can celebrate this special day by sharing me your inspiring dream, because I believe dreams do come true! as what my fave Indonesian writer Andrea Hirata said

“Bermimpilah, maka Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpi itu, dan setiap mimpi yang terwujud hujan turun di Afrika” -Andrea Hirata

“Dream! and GOD will embrace your dreams. For every dream comes true, there’ll be rain fell in Africa” (English free translation)

Dream, Write, Believe and Make it Happen! 😉

Itu Sudah


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