What Else

07 Mei

What else can I do,
After years of waiting we finally end up in a different road
You are presence in my future and prays
But you close my presence in your future
It hurts but that is the fact I have to face
And I don’t blame anyone

What else can I say,
My love is always stay the same baby
I had give you my best and will always do in the future
For now,
The best thing I can do is
By giving you your space to grow and fly
Without my presence around
But my prays always for you, and will always do

What else I can do,
You never want to be hated
I never want to be substituted
And I know your heart is kind honey
You never want to hurt anybody
You just want to make her happy
Because of HIM..

But baby, time is always heals
And God always bless the broken road
I follow my path
And you follow yours
Whether our paths will meet in the end
We will never know
Till then, my prays still with you
And that’s how my love stays

Itu sudah.

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Ditulis oleh pada Sabtu, Mei 7, 2011 in Coretan Saja, Heart



One response to “What Else

  1. Mita

    Selasa, Juni 21, 2011 at 11:39 pm


    be strong ya..
    suami yg baik untuk istri yg baik pula..
    it’s hard i know,, but Allah won’t give u this gift if u can’t bare it kan? 😉


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