Are you a truth seeker?

The joy of living maybe is underrated. We are mostly seek happiness simply depending with our senses. Sadly, some people even believe that reality lies under the opinion of others. While for the true truth seeker will hold a weirdo tag because they don’t fit in collective opinions that become almost real.

If I told you that I am a female, will you belive that? How would you decide which one is true? To what extend will you willing to step back from the whole eagerness of finding the truth?

Maybe we are happened to be in a rush on deciding the truth. Instant has been a sick virus destructing the value of process in our ages. Maybe truth is something worth dying for but I guess it is also what makes most people get lost.

Then again, if you are a truth seeker how far do you willing to get lost?

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#HappinessDairy “Loving you as you”


Some people usually attract me from their stories. I found their dreams are amusing. I am captivated with plans and the beauty of the future promised. They told me they want to dance in life, follow their passion, travel around the globe, lead a better world, empower the less fortunate or build the dynamics but harmonious family…

Leaving the legacy after they checking out from earth. 


But sometimes life shows me the contrary. Dreams can be vanished. Reality struck people in face. We are trapped in prison of what so called, routinity. On how we are singing without even consider to contemplate the lyrics. Our body just move regardless the existence of spirit. We laugh hard but are we truly happy? We achieve something but what have we truly learned from it?


For some reason, I think we use too many words in life. Getting confuse on finding the proper definition. What is Love? What is relationship? What is soulmate? What is success? What is happiness?. We never like or truly accept differences, aren’t we? We unconciously force integration because we are worrying that divergent may lead to longer time and distance of understanding. We are close with those who similar. We just don’t like the idea of not knowing something. We are afraid of mystery, because we know our limit but we just can not accept it sometimes.


What am I doing? Should we still sharing our stories and dreams? Considering on how dreams may poisoning my comprehend understanding about you. But still, I would answer yes we should hon. However I would also propose that we should share everything about us. Past, present, future stories. We share about our ideas but also our deepest fear. It may take a very long time I know, a lifetime maybe not enough. But I don’t want to stop in just loving the idea about you, your stories. Isn’t everything become more beautiful if we make them grow and blossom? For me, loving you is a endless journey. People change everyday and so do you. We never know what the future offer to us. Wouldn’t be great if take that risk and simply walk to each other? Loving you as you, because this path is mysteriously beautiful…

I think that’s how it feels as soulmate, an endless journey to happiness. Because we both have no idea what it means but we finally found peace in between


Paris, April 2nd 2013

The spring air is blossoming although the winter cold remain.

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Me and Philanthropy

Dear readers,

Its been ages since my last post! Gosh!! 😀

Now, since I have no idea what to post, I just wanna share my introduction in one of my fave class this semester “New Philanthropy”. Feel free if you have insights for my personal research 😉


Personal Profile :

I am Suci Lestari Yuana (Nana). I was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia. I must said I am (might be) one example of philanthropy project. I got scholarship from TOTAL E&P Indonesia for my master study in Sciences Po Paris. I don’t really know why they chosed me while there are so many other students who are more intellegent than me. I guess maybe because they saw a potential contribution that I can do after I graduate and return to Indonesia. During the final interview in Jakarta, I told them that my passion and future plan is in education.

In 2006, I was lucky I got one year student exchange experiences in South Korea. During my stay I learned Korean language, social and culture. I did two part time job as well; one month internship in Korean Nuclear Foundation and three months English teacher in Korean elementary school. I also volunteered once in a week in Korean Orphanage.

The experiences I got in Korea makes me realize that I have big passion in social work. After return in University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta I continue my bachelor study in International Relations and took several volunteering and part time job. The three most insightful jobs for me was; 1. Curator Assistant for the first Children Museum in Indonesia, 2. English teacher in inclusive school which integrate normal kids and kids in special needs, 3. Motivation trainer for orphan children in Yogyakarta.

After finishing my bachelor degree, I took a job in University as lecturer assistant for 1,5 years and then I apply for a scholarship in TOTAL E&P. Currently, along with Indonesian students in France I create a social community which assist other Indonesian student to get scholarship and study abroad.

Change Vision

I’ve been attracted by the question “who can change the world?” I think the philanthropy projects used to be an exclusive topics among those who already gain a prosper life and want to get a social pleasure or existence. The rich help the poor; the developed country help the developing country, the educated person help the uneducated person.  Does philanthropy a linear cycle? What is actually the final goal of philanthropy, is it better quality of life or engagement?

For my individual research, I would like to look deeper on philanthropy project which came from ordinary citizens. Is there such a thing so called “Grass-root Philanthropy”?  Since I stayed in Paris, I have been attached closely with Indonesian women organization which works to spread Balinese culture in France and Europe, at the same time contributes to social charity in Indonesia. I want to know deeper the challenge and opportunity to create this organization, is it replicable or not? Moreover, I think I also can analyze on better study of women empowerment. What does it takes to makes women happier and get a better life?


Itu sudah


image sources :

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#BetterIndonesia Tips Interview #Scholarship

“Interview without practice is like the world without Nutella, Tasteless…”  😀
Dear readers,
Akhir-akhir ini saya banyak menerima permintaan konsultasi/tips bagaimana menghadapi seleksi interview beasiswa. Sebenarnya sudah ada banyak sumber tips-tips yang pembaca bisa googling, tapi ijinkan saya berbagi beberapa pertanyaan yang “biasanya” sering keluar saat interview beasiswa. Saya tidak akan memberi tips-tips detail untuk menjawab
setiap pertanyaan, supaya tidak membatasi kreafitas pembaca. Tapi jika ada yang ingin latihan dan meminta saran, silahkan kirimkan jawaban2 kalian atas pertanyaan-pertanyaan di bawah ini ke email . Insyaallah saya akan memberi sedikit masukan yang saya harap bisa membantu dan menambah percaya diri menghadapi interview beasiswa 🙂
So, kira2 ini dia pertanyaan yang bisa dijadikan latihan
How did you become interested in your major?
Pertanyaan ini bertujuan untuk melihat apakah kamu memiliki passion dengan apa yang kamu pelajari sekarang.
Have you traveled abroad before?
Tujuannya untuk ngeliat apakah kamu orangnya bisa beradaptasi di tempat baru. Jika belum pernah traveling ke luar negeri, ceritakan kemampuanmu untuk beradaptasi.
What is your greatest strength and weakness?
Usahakan jangan keliatan terlalu “menyombongkan diri” bila menceritakan kelebihan. Dan saat menceritakan “kelemahan” diri ceritakan pula apa saja yang sudah kamu lakukan untuk mengatasinya.
What is your favorite subject in school and why?
sama dengan pertanyaan pertama, pertanyaan ini bertujuan untuk melihat apa saja passionmu
What are your educational/academic goals? What are your future career plans? 
Usahakan untuk menceritakan rencana masa depanmu sedetail mungkin.
Why will this scholarship help you in your career goals?
Ceritakanlah mengapa beasiswa ini penting untuk mendukung rencana masa depanmu
What would you do if you didn’t receive the fellowship?
Tricky question. Cobalah jujur, realistis tapi tetap optimis. Kalau bingung bisa kirim email ke saya 😀
Is there anything else you want to add or ask?
Bertanyalah! Inilah kesempatanmu untuk memberikan impression yang membuat si pewawancara akan selalu terbayang-bayang padamu (in positive way) 😀
Seperti interview lainnya,
1. Jangan terlambat
2. Berpakaian yang rapi, sopan dan menunjukkan kepribadianmu
3. Relaks dan perbanyak senyum
4. Usahakan menjawab pertanyaan lebih dari 30 detik dan tapi jangan melebihi 1 menit 30 detik
5. Berdoa dan minta doa orang tua agar dimudahkan
Tetep Semangat buat semua scholarship hunter! 🙂
Salam #BetterIndonesia
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#HijabTravel Masjid Arab di Freiburg, Jerman

Dear reader

Saya suka dengan Freiburg, kota di sebelah selatan Jerman ini. Kota ini digadang-gadang sebagai green city karena satu, kota ini merupakan basis terbesar dari Green Party Jerman dan kedua kota ini memang sangat pro-lingkungan. Saya paling suka berjalan kaki mengitari kota ini, karena selain sejuk ada banyak sekali spot-spot indahnya.


Masjid kedua yang saya kunjungi di kota Freiburg. Saat kunjungan pertama saya bersama Ali untuk melanjutkan penelitiannya tentang muslim di Eropa. Lalu saat saya berkunjung ke tempat jamaah perempuan di lantai dua saya berkenalan dengan muslimah Freiburg bernama Aisyah. Ia menawarkan saya untuk ikut kajian muslimah setiap selasa dan jumat pagi jam 10.00. Saya merasa tertarik untuk ikut kajian mereka walaupun saat itu saya tidak bisa berbahasa Jerman dengan baik, beruntung Aisyah bisa berbahasa Inggris.

 (masjid Arab, Freiburg)

Hari Selasa saya datang ke masjid ini untuk ikut kajian, saya heran karena diantara perempuan yang datang ada seorang perempuan Jerman berambut pirang. Saya dekati dan saya ajak berkenalan namanya Hanna dan dia ternyata mahasiswi Freiburg University. Saya iseng bertanya padanya mengapa dia datang ke masjid dan akhirnya diapun bercerita bahwa saat ini dia sedang berhubungan jarak jauh dengan lelaki muslim di Maroko yang ia temui di Paris dan pasangannya ingin mengajak dia untuk melanjutkan ke jenjang pernikahan. Akhirnya dia memutuskan untuk belajar Islam dan mengetahui agama pasangannya itu karena dari keluarga lelaki tidak mengijinkan jika anaknya menikah beda agama.

Seusai sesi belajar Al-Quran kami menghabiskan waktu beberapa jam untuk minum kopi dan mengobrol tentang Islam. Dia bercerita dia cukup bingung dengan pilihan pindah agama karena belum pernah ada tradisi demikian di keluarganya. Sayapun menyampaikan pendapat saya bahwa Islam bukanlah agama yang memaksa, saya menyarankan Hanna untuk meluruskan niat belajar tentang Islam bukan hanya karena ingin menikah dengan pasangannya tapi juga untuk menemukan kedamaian dengan Tuhan.

Hanna cukup tertarik ketika saya bercerita tentang pilar-pilar menikah yang saya pelajari dari mentor saya di Yogyakarta, Ustadz Lilik Riza (Fadly) , Trainer Mindstruction dan konsultan pernikahan. Sebelumnya dia tidak terpikir untuk berdiskusi dan menemukan kecocokan prinsip-prinsip dalam menikah dengan pasangannya. Saking seriusnya ia mengirim pesan di Facebook dan meminta saya menyebutkan kembali pilar-pilar menikah itu; kecocokan visi misi, strategi finansial, konsep pendidikan anak, konsep berkehidupan sosial dan konsep hiburan.

(suatu sore di festival muslim Freiburg July 2011)

Selama sebulan kami menjadi sahabat saat mengaji di Masjid Arab Freiburg.  Saat saya mulai sedih karena harus berpisah dengan kota ini saya mendapat kabar gembira bahwa aplikasi beasiswa saya diterima. Saya akan berangkat ke Paris untuk melanjutkan Studi Master di Sciences Po. Alhamdulillaah Ya Rabb.

Saya menyampaikan kabar gembira itu pada Hanna, kami berjanji kami akan saling mengunjungi saat kami luang. Waktu demi waktu berlalu, kehidupan di kampus baru cukup menyita waktu dan energi saya untuk beradaptasi. Tiba-tiba di awal tahun 2012 lalu saya mendapat pesan dari Hanna di Facebook. Ia bercerita baru saja kembali dari Maroko untuk menemui pasangannya dan keluarganya. Dan ia memberi kabar yang membuat saya haru

nana i got converted, i m a muslim now. most about the time i am happy about it, but there are also some doubts sometimes. my faith is not yet very strong. but i hope that will come inshallah


Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah wa Laa Illa Haillallahu, Allahu Akbar!

Selamat datang Ukhti, barakallah, semoga ALLAH selalu menjadi pembimbing terbaik untuk kita semua mencapai Nuur dan Salaam di dunia dan akhirat.. aamiin :’)

(Nadja, saya dan Hanna)

Itu sudah


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